Our Ambition is to Digitise, Democratise and Scale the Market in Petrochemicals and, increasingly, Clean Energy Products.

Clean Energy and Sustainability

In our first years of operation Onyx has focussed on making the oil and gas market more accessible, at lower cost, to anyone who wants to trade in these fossil fuels.

Onyx traders have made this market more open and efficient. In a small way we have reduced the need for petrochemical products by reducing the inherent waste in inefficient trading.

But we know we must do more. The world must stop using fossil fuels, and get its energy from renewable and non-polluting sources.

So, we will,

  • Ensure that all our company’s activities are net carbon-neutral by 2024. That is, the electricity we use to power our IT and communications equipment and our heating and lighting will come from renewable sources. The office equipment - the desks and chairs and everything in your workspace - will be built from sustainable and recyclable products.
  • Progressively help to develop the market in clean energy trading, using the skills, the expertise and systems we have developed for fossil fuel trading.

This is an exciting time to be in the energy trading market. The historically dominant players have very little time to shift away from assets which are increasingly seen as unusable. The brightest brains and the quickest to act will define and capitalise on a whole new world of energy.

Come and join us. Help us do it.