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Onyx Capital Group

Oil derivatives, deciphered.

Who are we? And why should you do business with us?

We are a group of companies that operate in all the key facets of oil derivatives: Advisory, Brokerage & Trading.
Our focus and our expertise has made us one of the leading oil derivatives trading companies in the world.

We hire outstanding people and train them obsessively. We provide a working environment which encourages success, in which they consistently produce market-leading results. We’ve won numerous industry awards for consistently being more effective than our competitors.

Our World of Oil Derivatives

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An award-winning group.

Er Commodity Natural Gas Europe
Er Commodity Natural Gas North America
Er Commodity Oil And Products Asia
Er Commodity Oil And Products Europe
Er Commodity Overall Oil Dealer
Er Commodity Research North America And Europe

This is the trading arm of our group. As market makers we have rapidly grown to become the largest liquidity provider of oil derivatives in the world.


This is the consultative and brokerage arm of our group which provides up-to-date, in-depth trading expertise to help you make better oil trading decisions.

2019/20 Year End Results Released

CEO Greg Newman's Report: As we all know, the first six months of 2020 were extraordinarily turbulent on both a global and sector basis which resulted in extreme volatility in the oil and gas markets. As Onyx's CEO, I am very proud of the steps the Company and employees have taken which have enabled us to thrive during this period and which leave us ideally positioned for future growth and profitability.

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