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Onyx Commodities

The number 1 liquidity provider for oil derivatives in the world.

How did we become that? Mainly by hiring and training some of the world’s best traders.

We thrive in our role as a proprietary trader that specialises in market making. We have unparalleled market scope and our traders have the expertise to take full advantage of it.

What makes us special?

We’re unique in the sense that our traders don’t compete against each other, we work with a more collective mindset, the trade is always the most important thing. To us, conflict is bad for business, harmony is profitable. Our financial results prove this.

Largest Liquidity Provider

20bn+ barrels equivalent traded annually. $520bn+ of notional value. As much as 27% of total traded volumes in key oil swaps markets.

£0-120m Annual Revenue

From start-up to diversified trading revenue, in 4 years we’ve implemented our style and strategy to great effect - our performance speaks for itself.

Globally Recognised Player

Our trading desks cover all geographical time zones, with meaningful coverage in all key areas of oil. Our brand is built on reliability & integrity.

Continuously Growing

Trading desks have grown from 2 to 7 in 4 years, with 15+ trained traders through our Trader Development Program.