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Our Mission is to Digitise, Democratise and Scale the Oil Swaps Market

We want to provide a level playing field to the opaque and uncertain marketplace, allowing the market to grow and evolve.

At Onyx Capital Group we have multiple divisions that support this mission:

Our trading arm, Onyx Commodities, is the world's number one market maker by volume across oil swaps, providing critical liquidity.

Our services arm, Onyx Capital Advisory, provides unique data revealing the inner workings of oil swaps, whilst the team supports traders through brokerage and consultancy services. Our platform, Flux, facilitates digital trade and live, ongoing visibility to the marketplace.

Onyx has rapidly grown to meet the exponential rise of oil swap volumes in the last five years, reinvesting back into our business to scale our workforce, diversify across products and create new, complementary business lines.

This makes our position in the market ideally suited for shining the light and breaking down barriers, with ready access to all.

Our Story

Onyx was founded in 2016 as an oil derivatives trading house. Greg Newman and Omar Kayaam, who previously met while running their own trading desks at another trading firm, left together to start their own company with the vision of taking Onyx to a market leader in a multi-faceted operation. 

Through embracing their identity as market-makers, Greg and Omar worked to build trading coverage across the barrel and all geographical regions, targeting dominant positions in each product. From there Onyx has leveraged its unrivalled visibility and expertise in the oil-indexed futures market (otherwise known as oil swaps) into a service offering through the launch of Onyx Capital Advisory in 2018.

Onyx has since become an authority on oil price and flows. Our trading business is the largest market maker by volume in the world. Our service arm is able to offer a full suite of services from broking to consultancy and critically acclaimed research. And our latest innovation - Flux - is a new data visualisation platform designed specifically for the oil swaps market.

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Our Founding Partners

Greg Newman
Group CEO & Executive Director

Greg has just over six years trading experience in oil derivatives having started and ran Crude oil teams at Onyx as well as at his previous firm. Greg was appointed to the CEO role full time early in 2019 and has been focussed on the company’s strategic vision, growth and culture ever since. Greg holds a BEng in Biochemical Engineering from University College London.

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Omar Kayaam
Director of Trading & Executive Director

Omar has traded Oil derivatives for eight years having started and run Light Ends teams at Onyx as well as at his previous firm. He has successfully pioneered the Light Ends desk at Onyx which covers Gasoline and Naphtha, building the business into the largest market maker globally covering more than a third of the volume in cleared products traded. He holds an M.Sc. and a B.A. Hons. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge where he got a starred First Class degree, finishing 2nd in the year.

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