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The Brent CFD market and simplified trading options at Onyx

23rd November 2021

Brent CFD – how can a niche trader reduce resources and tailor pricing risk dates in the Brent CFD market?

Onyx has long been a key player in the Brent CFD financial market. Last year Onyx published these excellent articles on LinkedIn for those that wish to brush up on the CFD/DFL/Dated/Futures relationships – the Brent Complex was well named. And please find the below diagram that displays the three major contracts and their tradeable differential components.

Brent Overview Part 1

Brent Overview Part 2


Of course, many physical crude traders make use of the cleared markets, however, some may well wish to trade more bespoke dates on CFDs, and in a less resource-intensive way. By this, we mean reducing cash-margin utilization and lowering the administrative burden of managing a CFD traded position via a futures clearing account. To address this challenge,  Onyx have a new CFD product launch intended to go live in early 2022.

If you want to find out more about this or anything else Onyx Capital Advisory does in swap pricing data, hedging, ESG, derivative research, and oil brokerage including Flux, please contact us here.