Flux Platform

Our state of the art digital liquidity platform for oil swaps

Flux Mobile

The Data Visualisation Platform by Onyx

Flux is a web-based application, acting as a digital marketplace for the OTC brokered market and supported by the world's largest liquidity provider in oil swaps. Flux provides live, intraday forward curve values for oil swaps, bringing you unrivalled visibility of the OTC market.

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Our Mission: To Digitise, Democratise & Scale the Oil Swaps Market

Discover360 views of the oil derivatives space

Flux Desktop

Flux is a fully customisable visualisation platform offering live intraday forward curve values for oil swaps, bringing you unrivalled visibility of the OTC market including crude, oil products and LPG, updating millisecond. Flux also allows for live charting with customisable technical indicators and stores easily accessible historical settlement data across four key times: 8:30, 12.00, 16.30, 19.30.

Our primary strategy for growth involves strategically recruiting and extensively training a select group of the most accomplished traders worldwide. At the core of our success lies our identity as a proprietary trading firm, specialising specifically in the art of market making. What sets us apart is our unmatched breadth of market coverage, enabling our traders to harness their unparalleled expertise and seize every opportunity presented by the dynamic landscape of financial markets. In numbers that looks like: 25bn+ barrels equivalent traded annually. $2 trillion of notional value. As much as 27% of total traded volumes in key oil swaps markets.

We’re unique in the sense that our traders don’t compete against each other, we work with a more collective mindset, the trade is always the most important thing. To us, conflict is bad for business, harmony is profitable. Our financial results prove this. This shows in our company growth of £0-200m+ annual revenue. From start-up to diversified trading revenue, in 5 years we’ve implemented our style and strategy to great effect - our performance speaks for itself. And we are continuously Growing. Our trading desks cover all geographical time zones, with meaningful coverage in all key areas of energy. Our brand is built on reliability and integrity.

Flux Financial Limited (“Flux Financial”) is a UK incorporated entity, registered at 95 Cromwell Road, Second Floor, London, United Kingdom, SW7 4DL. Flux Financial is a wholly owned subsidiary of Onyx Capital Group, operating independently to its sister companies Onyx Capital Advisory and Onyx Commodities.

Flux Financial is a subsidiary of Onyx Capital Group, operating as an independent company. Market data feeds from Onyx Commodities and Onyx Capital Advisory into Flux to provide forward curve values and liquidity. Onyx Commodities and Onyx Capital Advisory are FCA regulated entities, operating with a physical and compliance Chinese wall between them.

Please reset your password at the new Flux Pro platform app.onyxhub.co or reach out to support@flux.live for assistance.

Full list available here, also available via API end point.

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Disclaimer Notice: Unauthorised Firms

The Financial Conduct Authority has released warnings that the following unauthorised firms “Onyx Traders” and "Onyx Trade Group" may be targeting people in the UK. The Onyx Capital Group, and its subsidiaries (collectively "Onyx"), do not have any association with these firms. Onyx Commodities Limited (FRN: 778117) and Onyx Capital Advisory Limited (FRN: 822509) are both authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.