Oil Trader Quiz 

3rd February 2021

The Onyx Quiz for Oil Traders:

1. What is a “crack”?

A) Difference between the price of a refined product (eg Gasoline) and the price of crude oil
B) Difference between the price of a refined product (eg Naphtha) and the price of another refined product (eg Jet fuel)
C) Difference between price of crude oil this month vs next month
D) None of the above

2. What does an OTC oil swaps trader mean when they ask a broker for the current “value” on a given contract?

A) The volume on the bid or offer for that contract
B) The volume weighted price for the day for that contract
C) The level which indicates the current perceived fair market price for that contract
D) The average price of a given contract on the day

3. When there is a widening gap between the buying price and selling price with volume reducing on either side, liquidity is said to be…

A) Increasing
B) Reducing
C) Remaining the same
D) Has nothing to do with the bid/offer