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Oil Trader Quiz

3rd February 2021

What is a "crack"? How does a broker define "value"? Test your knowledge and try our Onyx quiz for traders!

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Oil Markets Explained

22nd January 2021

Oil prices can be quite confusing, as there are more than one and they can have different names across the trading world. Onyx Advisory provides 360-degree solutions for a broad range of corporate entities with exposure across the barrel.

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Jargon Explained

14th January 2021

The world of oil derivative markets can be complicated and full of jargon. Here at Onyx TV we simplify what all the words mean, one episode at a time.

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OPEC+ Pricing War March 2020 - Trading the Open

10th March 2020

The historic pricing war between Russia and Saudi Arabia was announced over a weekend whilst the financial oil markets were closed. In this video we discuss the trading activity when the market opened on the following Sunday night, with a how and why it was so costly for a number of traders

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The Importance of Basis Risk in Trading Oil - Part 1

9th March 2020

Do you know really know what you are trading? Even though you may be looking for general "oil" or "gasoline" exposure when you trade a benchmark, each financial contract is priced to real physical prices in a localised area. So a seemingly insignificant global event like a small pipeline going down could have huge influence on the contract you are pricing! Make sure you read the fine print of that contract.

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The Importance of Basis Risk in Trading Oil - Part 2

9th March 2020

In this video, we follow on from Part 1 using a real life example of how not understanding basis risk can land you in hot water. Even research agencies out there don't seem to fully get it!

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Why you SHOULDN'T use Supply & Demand Models for Predicting Financial Oil Prices

25th February 2020

Oil supply and demand models used to map global oil balances are notoriously inaccurate. What else is there when it comes to predicting future prices?

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Recognising the 5 Stages of Loss in Trading

12th February 2020

In this video we go through the internal dialogue that faces traders, sometimes more than once throughout the day, and how it is akin to the 5 Stages of Loss.

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The Challenges with "Buying Dips" for Hedgers

10th February 2020

Do you think you are being smart by buying dips? In this video we explain that if you have physical oil price exposure then every moment you aren't hedging you are speculating. Is it justified waiting for that "good" level or is there a negative risk : reward skew here?

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The Burst of the Diesel Speculative Bubble - Jan 2020

4th February 2020

Leading up to the historic regulation change for global shippers taking effect Jan 1st 2020, many speculative traders saw the Diesel vs HSFO (high sulphur shipping fuel) as the best way to express the impact of the incoming regulations.

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