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Onyx Insight

The niche oil market reporting service

In the top two research companies Globally - Risk.net Awards 2020

Onyx Insight is a niche oil swaps market reporting service that provides live reactions and analysis to events worldwide. Onyx cover all physical markets by region and the ongoing impacts on their associated swaps, providing those with exposure to the oil price the most revolutionary trader assistant available. 

ER Commodity Research North America And Europe Colour

What Will You Receive?

Our service is for Traders, Brokerage, Investment Banks/Institutions, Producers, Refiners and end users.

Critically Acclaimed Reports & Trader Views

  • Monthly Oil Market Reports.
  • Live WhatsApp News Updates.
  • Liquidity & Volatility Reports.
  • Weekly Trader Meeting Notes.
  • European and Singapore Window Updates Daily.
  • Onyx Trade Craft, Observations and Analysis.
  • Bespoke Curve Analysis, and more.

WhatsApp Updates

  • Live updates on market-moving news.
  • Analysis of fundamental data & events.
  • Stay in touch with the market.

Liquidity & Volatility Data

  • Unparalleled transparency on market conditions.
  • Bespoke VaR & ATR metrics.
  • Tech-driven risk management

Trade Ideas & Analysis

  • Highlighting trade opportunities.
  • Bridging the gap between fundamental analysis & trading.
  • Risk-conscious approach.

There is no reporting or analysis out there like ours. Get a free trial of Onyx Insight now.