ESG Strategy & the Road to Net Zero

We are currently witnessing a historic and meteoric shift in the focus of global industry. No longer can companies ignore their emissions as it has become their duty to quantify and minimise their carbon footprint and do so in a public forum. Between two of Exxon Mobil's board being ousted to be replaced by more environmentally conscious successors and Shell being court ordered to intensify their Greenhouse Gas Emissions Pledges, businesses are being strong armed into caring about their impact on the planet by not only governments but also their investors.​

A company’s profitability is no long the sole driver for investors. Businesses are now also evaluated on how they achieve their profits.​

Getting ahead of the curve and implementing an effective ESG strategy is achievable. We are currently executing methodical policies for a broad range of businesses, and we could do the same for you, today.

How can Onyx Help?

We are experts in environmental markets. Practitioners in carbon markets since 2005 (the beginning of EU ETS) and academic work dating back to the mid 1990's, our long standing experience in environmental markets means we are uniquely positioned to assist in development, issuance and sourcing of carbon offsets. We know what works, we know the details, and importantly what can go wrong. ​

Global Reach

Our experience, network and access to projects and investors spans the globe. We have the reach and know-how to match up projects with investors providing the best outcomes for all. ​

Over the years we have built meaningful relationships with some of the world's largest and most reputable corporates and funds, who are able to deploy capital for the right carbon projects as an investing partner.​

Multi-disciplinary Approach​

We bring decades of collective experience and a multi-disciplinary approach in the fields of investment banking, commodities trading and hedging, energy markets, commercial forestry, advanced economics, decarbonisation, and policy creation to your organisation. This allows us to structure projects such that legal frameworks, social outcomes and carbon revenues are maximised.

Choosing the Right Offsets


Is the offset project you have chosen of verifiable quality? Which standard does it adhere to? Has it been validated by an independent third party?​​

Strategic Alignment

There are plenty of options when it comes carbon offsets and therefore it is of paramount importance to pick projects which align with your core strategy and builds the greatest amount of shareholder value.​​


Not all credits were made equal. As there is no single centralised market, the cost of carbon and offset schemes can often be opaque. The current cost ranges between $3 and $65 per tonne, however price is not always a good measure of quality. 

What a Robust ESG Strategy can do for You?

  • Cut emissions and support the Sustainable Development Goals = increased ESG rating​
  • Fund managers are increasingly investing in corporations with a clear ESG strategy with targeted KPI’s​
  • Banks have a clear (TCFD) Green Finance KPIs, cheaper interest payments for clear SDG KPI’s – including IOC etc​
  • Global scrutiny – county-level and down: governments, corporates down to the individual must make climate-positive choices​
  • Not least, is positive for SDG and climate action