S&P Global Platts Podcast: The rise of proprietary traders in oil markets - a conversation with Onyx Capital CEO

Greg Newman, CEO of London-based proprietary trading house Onyx Capital Group, caught up with S&P Global Platts head of news for EMEA, Andy Critchlow, and global head of generating fuels Simon Thorne to discuss what the future holds for the financialization of energy markets.

Prop trading houses have largely replaced the role previously held by banks as market makers on the Platts eWindow communication tool for assessing the tradable value of commodities. Greg Newman is one of the founding partners of Onyx Trading, which started operating in 2016 as an oil derivatives trade house. In this interview with Platts on August 5, Newman shared views on driving factors for oil price in the coming months and the role of different types of trader in the market.